Performance 演出


Raga-based fusion music


Sangat! is a raga-based fusion music ensemble featuring members from UT-Austin and guest musicians from National Academy of Performing Arts, Pakistan). As a core member of Sangat!, Eddie played Chinese dizi and Indian bansuri in this ensemble, highlighting a unique way that fused music in East and South Asia together. Sangat! is a term from Sanskrit word ‘saṃgatam’ that literally translated as “a coming together,” referring to an alliance, association, or friendship. The members of the Sangat! use this term to draw attention to the collaborative aspects and cross-cultural nature of our musical fusions.

Indimaj إندماج

Arabic fusion music


Indimaj interweaves musical forms across the Middle East, India and the West, and through its improvisations offers a transcendental musical experience.

GO:Organic Orchestra (Austin ensemble)

Go: Organic Orchestra is a 21st century vision of a “future orchestra”. Artistic director Adam Rudolph’s prototypical approach to composing and improvisational conducting embraces music forms and cosmologies from around the world.



World fusion music


ETHNOS was created in 2013 by a group of musicians who were looking for a platform to collaborate and share their knowledge of and love for different music traditions around the world. Band members also enjoy showing how diverse music practices can be combined to create new aesthetic “fusions.” ETHNOS seeks to entertain, educate, and enlighten audiences by exploring the diversities and commonalities of the different music practices of the world.

The name “ETHNOS” comes from the Greek root meaning “people.” We believe that our music is a story about people—a story about people overcoming the challenges of diversity and coming together as a community in the name of music.

Cross-Strait Trio

An unique trio featuring the combination of Western music and folk music in China and Taiwan. This group performed at the International Accordion Festival, La Villita, San Antonio in 2014.

(Eddie Hsu on Chinese flute; Martina Li on accordion; Yu-Xin Mei on Pipa)


UT Javanese Gamelan Ensemble

suling.jpg    20190504_210612.jpg

Recent Performances:

  • 05/04/2019, Javanese gamelan concert, directed by Pak Mideyanto, Bates Concert Hall, UT-Austin
  • 12/05/2015, Traditional Central Javanese Music, directed by master Pak Rasito from Indonesia

Solo Recitals (Selected)

Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 10.00.04 PM.png

May, 2009 Di Yun Xiao Shen (笛韻簫聲)—Dizi and Xiao Recital, Kaohsiung Concert Hall, Taiwan

May, 2008 Ya Han Fong (雅撼風)—Dizi and Guzheng Associated Concert, Nantou Cultural Center, Taiwan

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